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Registration starts 6th March 2017

The Competition

Náboj is a competition designed for teams of five high school students that represent their schools. The whole competition lasts 120 minutes during which the teams are trying to solve as many given problems as possible.

Náboj is not just a direct application of the knowledge the students already have had. The tasks require a certain amount of inventiveness and ingenuity.

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  • Registration starts
    6th March 2017
  • Registration ends
    31st March 2017
  • Competition day
    7th April 2017


Every school from the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Bavaria, Austria, Poland, and Hungary is eligible to register.

The competition takes place in these cities:

  • Czech Republic: Prague, Opava
  • Slovakia: Bratislava, Košice
  • Germany: Passau
  • Austria: Linz
  • Poland: Krakow, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdynia
  • Hungary: Budapest, Veszprém


The competition is organized by the following correspondence seminars and institutions:

  • MKS MFF UK Praha
  • MU SLU Opava
  • KMS FMFI UK Bratislava
  • STROM PF UPJŠ Košice
  • FIM Universität Passau
  • IDM JKU Linz
  • WMiI UJ Kraków
  • PW Warszawa
  • PWr Wrocław
  • III LO Gdynia
  • TTK ELTE Budapest
  • MIK PE Veszprém
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