Results of Náboj 2014
We are extremely sorry to inform you that the Náboj competition will not take place this Friday 13th March 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Local governments in the participating countries are likely to impose further restrictive measures in more and more areas within today and tomorrow. The international team has, therefore, made the decision to postpone the competition indefinitely.

The new date of the competition is likely to be in the autumn (i.e. next academic year), we will let you know once it is selected. If you have any questions, please contact us via the email address

Results of Náboj 2014, Seniors, Austria

1 BRG Schloss Wagrain, Schlossstraße 31, Vöcklabruck, AT
Lukas Mayrhofer (3), Jakob Moosbauer (4), Sara Moosbauer (1), Benjamin Punz (3)
2 Inofficielles Team Oberösterreich, , , AT
Valerie Aigner (4), Klara Hultsch (4), Mario Mühlböck (4), Gabriel Schedlberger (2)
3 ORG der Franziskanerinnen Vöcklabruck, Graben 13, Vöcklabruck, AT
Pascal Marsche (4), Florian Racher (3), Lena Raffelsberger (3), Birgit Zwielehner (4)